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When brands take a stand

Breaking barriers

Pop culture has a lot to answer for – both good and bad – but could it be true that through sport, we have the power to change lives?

When brands take a stand

Dream crazy

The risk when brands align with and bring activist causes into the mainstream, they open themselves up to criticism and acclaim.

When brands take a stand

Time to step back

At what point does a brand – or a club – stop being "owned" and become public domain rather than influenced by the organisation that created it?

Brain food

Curiosity is one of my drivers, and to support the times I'm learning by doing, I also try to learn from the experiences of others. So if you're a founder or a designer working with startups and looking for a book recommendation, voilà!

*I'm not affiliated with Amazon, I don't get a cut, the links are just the easiest way to make the books findable.

Start with Why

– Simon Sinek

In my opinion, a must-read for EVERY founder: forget about what your product does, start with why.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE

– Phil Knight

As a sports’ lover, great read. Founders and entrepreneurs… just be aware that some of the scenarios wouldn’t be possible today with how connected the world is with the internet!

Design is a Job

– Mike Monteiro

A book that had the biggest impact on my mindset when working freelance and contracting gigs. I think everyone who works for themselves should read this book. I re-read it every 18–24 months.

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