A unifying mark, reflecting balance and strength, to bring together a community.

Formed by and for calisthenics enthusiasts to create a community in the Wellington region, the aptly-named Wellington Calisthenics grew to become an ongoing workout community with the sole purpose of exploring and celebrating the calisthenics practice.

The insight

The WC team combine their natural approachability, friendliness and encouragement for all of their sessions – whether you’re a newcomer or a regular. They were looking for a singular mark to bring together the full Wellington Calisthenics community, and to unite them in their love of body-weight movements.

The idea

As a discipline focused on balance and strength, using no (or little) equipment, we felt that an identity for Wellington Calisthenics should follow these same principles; simplicity, self-contained, and – as a community group – unifying.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless sports badges seen around the world, whether in football, basketball, or mixed martial arts, the Wellington Calisthenics mark was created to ensure that its application on each member's gear would stand out and could be worn with pride.


Wellington Calisthenics


Design lead

Brand design, graphic design.

Photo credit: Kadri UljasWellington Calisthenics Facebook

Kadri Uljas
Community co-founder
Wellington Calisthenics

Working with Kelcey was incredibly easy; she is an established professional with deep insight into understanding the brand identity challenges.

The fact that Kelcey is also a sports' enthusiast made this project exciting as she had a wealth of knowledge of the landscape and the area. Working together on the ideas brought us quickly to the end result, which we proudly wear on all of our training gear.


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