A bold brand refresh to reflect the future leaders who are challenging the status quo.

Created as a joint programme between Creative HQ and the New Zealand government as a short-term, youth-focused accelerator for aspiring leaders, Venture Up provides an immersive experience into the day-to-day of being an entrepreneur – while teaching skills that can be used in any walk of life.

After having run three successful programmes since 2015, Venture Up needed to build on its existing brand awareness but evolve to re-engage with its existing audience as well as to stay relevant with the new audiences the programme was seeking.

The insight

Venture Up is underpinned by three core drivers; to build confidence, capability and connections. They believe that New Zealand’s young generation will lead the way into a sustainable future – economically, environmentally and also on a community level.

The idea

Starting by redefining the core of what the programme was built on, Venture Up needed to reconnect with core audience groups to help capture and communicate the energy of the programme before updating the brand to reflect the experiences of participants.

The updated colour palette focuses on the vibrancy and energy of the Venture Up programme as a whole – from the people working behind the scenes to the speakers and the participants going through the programme.

Introducing bold statement pieces and contrasting colours reflects the ideas and personalities Venture Up fosters, not to mention the mindset instilled in each participant to challenge the status quo.

Brand in action

Since 2018, Venture Up has graduated five cohorts, totalling close to 150 participants.  

A remote minimum viable product (MVP) Venture Up programme was piloted and delivered to 36 test participants in 2021 – the largest cohort for Venture Up since 2016.


Venture Up


Design lead

Brand strategy, graphic design.

Steph Benseman (Programme Director)
Alessandra Orsi (Photography)

Steph Benseman
Programme director 2019–2020
Venture Up

Kelcey took the time to understand the Venture Up audience and mesh those insights with what we try to do. Her involvement has been critical to the success of the programme, and the continued growth of the brand, and creating a voice that’s distinctly ‘Venture Up’.

I’d recommend Kelcey to any company going through a brand refresh or repositioning, looking to engage in a clear process and focus on really understanding their customers.

Venture Up

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