Everyone has skills that can make a difference.

Created by four volunteers who found that not being able to find opportunities was a barrier to them giving back, Collaborate is making it easy for volunteers and the organisations searching for them to be connected.

Collaborate needed to enhance their founding beliefs to grow brand awareness with organisations and volunteers alike. To do that, they needed to communicate their passion and the want to empower communities. Bridging the gap between people and technology, Collaborate needed an identity that showcased its playful personality and entrepreneurial spirit.

The insight

Collaborate is founded on the belief that everyone has skills that can make a difference. They believe that community is at the heart of everything – including down to how they built their product. And no matter what, doing good should be easy and fun.

The idea

Introducing inclusivity and reassurance that everyone has something to offer, we address the audience directly with ‘How can you make a difference today?’. 

A vibrant colour palette inspired by the team’s fun personalities reflects the strong founding beliefs of the company.

We had to think beyond the experience of actively doing good to the logistics of volunteering, whilst instilling those founding beliefs throughout the entire consumer journey. The open platform is designed to connect individuals to their next volunteer experience, to share stories and achievements, and also to prompt feedback and celebrate the camaraderie within communities.

Doing good

should be easy and fun


has a skill that can make a difference


is at the heart of everything

Brand in action

onboarded in 8 months

onboarded in 8 months





Brand strategy, workshop facilitation.

Photograph capturing the core values for Collaborate from the strategic workshop
Photograph capturing the core values for Collaborate from the strategic workshop
Capture of the Collaborate website, which reflected the outcomes of the strategic workshop in their values and kaupapa content
Photo of the Collaborate app in action, demonstrating the profile where their value 'everyone has a skill that can make a difference' comes to life

Ceara McAuliffe-Bickerton

Kelcey helped us to really understand the core values that underpin our company and how they inform our brand.

The outcomes of the workshop have helped us to really express our brand throughout the company, I’d recommend Kelcey to any company that is looking to take their brand to the next level.

Photo of the founding team of Collaborate, left to right: Ceara McAuliffe Bickerton Poppy Norton Holly Norton Sophie Harker

Photo credit: Collaborate

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