A SaaS solution making employment paperwork compliance frictionless.

Created during New Zealand’s R9 govtech accelerator by three co-founders who discovered that employment compliance and documentation was a struggle for businesses with high staff turnover. They focused particularly on the seasonal industries, such as horticulture and wine, which form Aotearoa New Zealand’s fourth-largest export industry but have an 82% turnover rate.

Cohelix is working to make ethical employment practices the norm across Aotearoa and Oceania, making it easy for businesses to comply with confidence and providing employees with transparency and the assurance that employment standards are upheld.

The insight

Cohelix was built to empower ethical employment and to ensure that New Zealand remains a producer and exporter of sustainably produced products – the whole way through the supply chain.

The idea

As a vision-led team, the Cohelix trio are extremely tight-knit and work cohesively towards their belief that it should be easy to be compliant – and employee time shouldn’t be ruled by administration tasks needlessly.

The name sprung from a team in-joke, in that their first initials spelled 'DNA' and, as both friends and co-founders, they were twined together like a double-helix. Drawing on the Cohelix team’s fun personalities and positive outlook for creating an ethical employment landscape, we developed an identity to reflect these elements. 

With a combination of bright colours and intertwined but understated typography, the Cohelix brand took shape as a challenger for the traditional HR service companies to remove friction from employment paperwork.

The clean typography reflects the transparency and simplicity Cohelix look to bring across the supply chain, while the bold colours reflect the promise of an easier process that businesses can feel confident that their documentation is fully compliant.

Brand in action

After their time in the R9 Accelerator in New Zealand, Cohelix grew the business from concept to having a product in the market, closed partnerships with the NZ Government, as well as major industry bodies. In 2017, they expanded into Australia through their participation in the Slingshot HR Tech accelerator based out of Sydney, backed by Seek and Hudson.




Design lead

Branding, graphic design, pitching, print prototyping, presentation support.

Ashley Church/DinosaurToast (Photography)

Cohelix sketches-01
Cohelix sketches-02
Cohelix sketches
Cohelix sketches
Cohelix brand
Cohelix brand

Alex Komarovsky
Co-founder and COO

Kelcey is gifted with outstanding creative talent. Cohelix were lucky to tap into her talent during the course of the R9 Accelerator. We worked with her to design branding for the company. Kelcey listened to our ideas with an open mind and understood our branding vision quickly. The end result was an outstanding brand design encapsulating the company’s culture and product.

Any team or organisation would be lucky to have the creative contribution of Kelcey’s design talent.

Cohelix team

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